Secure Communications

We offer multiple ways to communicate securely between our office and our clients.  We all need to realize that basic e-mail is not always secure, and if you/we are sending confidential information, we should take caution.  (Note: if you are sending a non-secure email, you can use our email address listed on our Contact Us page.)  For confidential documents, please use one of the following:

Client Portal – Instructions to log in:

If you are already familiar with our Client Portal, click here to log on

Our Client Portal is meant to be a place where we can share information and documents with our clients in a secure method.  Similar to Google Drive or Drop box, but more secure. 

System requirements:   The Portal seems to work best on Internet Explorer on Windows machines, and Mozilla FireFox on Mac’s. It requires the Silverlight plug-in – or you can try the non-silverlight version at the login screen, but that version has limited features.

  1. When you receive your first email from the portal (from “" - and it may end up in junk mail), click on the link provided with the file name OR go to and select “client portal” in the center of the screen to be directed to the portal.
  2. User ID: Enter your email address that we used to advise you of your Portal access.
  3. Password:
    • New users will receive a generic password to enter here and then the system will walk you through setting up a new password. This generic password will expire within a few weeks.
    • Returning user: Enter the password you previously selected and if you can’t remember it, then either:
      • Select “forgot password” and then “send email” for a new generic password to be sent to your email and the system will walk you through setting up your own password again; or
      • Select “forgot password” and then “reset password” to answer your security questions to open your portal
    • Note for security reasons we do not have access or store your passwords
  4. You are then logged in and can upload documents to us or download documents from the Portal.
  5. Unless otherwise requested or specified, documents on the Portal will expire after three years from being added. The Portal is not meant to be a place to permanently store your documents.

Secure E-mail Attachments Instructions:

  1. To send a secure email, click on this link.          
  2. At the Log-in screen:
    • Email Address: Enter your email address
    • Name: Enter your name
    • Company name/contact number are not needed
    • At bottom, click on “send a file”
  3. Send file to: Select the Parodi & de Laveaga person to receive your e-mail
  4. Enter your Subject and Message as appropriate – Please be aware that these items will not be part of the secure email so do not list any confidential information in this Message section.
  5. Select “add files” and browse to select the files to send.
  6. Hit send